The Website. You haven't truly lived until you've built an ecommerce site.  

The collection

As for the copy, I channeled my inner Wahlberg.

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We bought space in Maine's premier magazine...maine. Take note of the state's third most famous resident - Patrick Dempsey. #1 goes to Stephen King, #2 is Anna Kendrick. 

For the month of August, we opened a pop-up shop on Main Street in Bar Harbor. It had been a while since we'd worked retail, but what a fun experience it was, interacting with customers and getting live feedback. 


The town of Bar Harbor has a sign review committee that takes months for approval, so this little sandwich board was all we had. With a piece of chalk, I put it to work. 

sign copy copy.jpg

The Place

I launched The Place, a T-Shirt brand inspired by the state of Maine. When traveling with my Mainer husband, Nick Loftus, we noticed there was a lack of high quality, well designed shirts that both tourists and locals could proudly wear - so we made them.

This venture taught me more about advertising than I ever thought possible. From opening a pop-up shop, to buying media and running a full-page ad, to turning our living room into a photo studio - we did it all while building a made in the USA brand that gives back to Maine's only national park, Acadia